Welcome to Tingaloo.

What is Tingaloo? A little bit of... something. A place
I tend to have multiple projects going at once, and I'll work on each one a bit at a time as time allows. Sometimes I'll focus on just one, but even then there will be random bits (sometimes creative!), that worm their way in to mess with my concentration. If I push those bits aside to keep working, they will fizzle away and disappear. Gone! But if I keep them, tuck them away in a nice little box, a Tingaloo, they might grow into something more, something worth revisiting.

This is that box. My Tingaloo, my whatever.

It's a place for short stories, short short stories, silliness, drawings (I'm a simply horrific artist), or whatever pops into my head. I thought I would share it with you, aren't you lucky?

Tingaloo isn't anything, it's something, but not really. I can't say when it will update, but it will update now and then, here or there, and maybe even more or less often than that. So settle in, peruse a little.

Maybe you'll find it enjoyable, or maybe helpful in some small way. It might even be entertaining. If you like it, share it. Please. Or don't, that's ok. You can comment on it too, if you wish. Oh, and those funny little blue arrows? Those are navigation.

Have fun Tingalooing.

More Stuff!

Sometimes, spinning your wheels is the best way to have fun. If you're not enjoying it, what's the point?

Chill a bit