Question:  What is this?
Answer: Pressure relief!
I created Tingaloo as a place to vent.  This is a creative outlet, somewhere I can let loose and explore things that don't already have a specific use or direction.

You can expect, well, just about anything that comes to mind here.

Question:  Why is the sun so blue?
Answer: Because the radiological spectrum makes it appear so.
Those that live on an exoplanet orbiting a blue star are generally granted abilities unknown to lowly yellow sun terrestrials.

Question:  How often do you post?
Oh, I post as often as I can. Which is to say, as often as I come up with something to post. I do a lot of different stuff, so I post pretty often, or pretty slow, depending on your viewpoint. Your mileage may vary.
  There is a handy RSS link here. That's probably the best way to keep up since Facebook and Twitter both have their own ways of deciding who sees what. Even though I post up there, you may not see it.